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v2024-01-15 Released

We are excited to announce the release of our Pay Setup API, designed to facilitate managing customer's recurring deduction and earning codes on the employee level. Users can obtain detailed information about deductions and earnings on an employee's record through various endpoints. The API further empowers users to insert and update recurring deductions and earnings directly on an employee's record.

Guide Content Enhancements

API Reference Enhancements

  • An API Basics group containing instructional references about authentication, errors, filtering, and rate limits has been added.
  • The "Company Codes API" has been renamed to "Company Level Information API." This section's APIs interact with company-level data like employer information and field lists within the Payroll/HR module.
  • New resources have been added to the Company Level Information section for obtaining details about Position Codes, Compensation Codes, Pay grades, Earning Codes, Deduction codes, Pay Frequency, Tax Codes, and Work Locations APIs.
  • Document Management API information has been migrated to our new documentation platform.
  • Weblink API information has been migrated to our new documentation platform
    New APIs.


🎉Happy New Year!🎉

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