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v2024-02-20 Released

With this release, we are excited to announce the launch of the Partner Onboarding API, a significant step in streamlining Paylocity's integration capabilities. This new API empowers our approved partners, facilitating seamless mutual integrations with Paylocity for our valued clients.

Guide Content Enhancements

API Reference Enhancements

  • We have corrected the sandbox URL path for our Weblink API resources

New Partner Onboarding API released

  • The new Partner Onboarding API is designed to enable our partners to onboard customers through our Paylocity Marketplace-initiated workflow. Approved partners will utilize the API to toggle when an integration can begin calling client data after the client admin has authorized access via the Paylocity Marketplace workflow. The first endpoint of this API provides allows partners to upsert the integration status. Contact the marketplace team to explore early adopter opportunities at [email protected]

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