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Summary Description

The Paylocity Punch Import API is an integral part of the Paylocity Time & Labor module, designed to streamline the process of importing time data from external systems. This robust API offers a method for importing punch data, complementing the other two methods: File Import through UX and File Import via SFTP. The API allows a 62-day window for importing punch data - it accepts data for the previous 31 days, given that the pay periods are open and for the upcoming 31 days. Any punches outside this timeframe will not be accepted. This feature allows users to seamlessly integrate their time-tracking systems with the Paylocity platform, enhancing efficiency and data accuracy.

Punch Import API Use Cases:

  • An API user who wants to import punches from an external source, pushing them into Paylocity Time & Labor, allowing the Paylocity rules engine to calculate hours worked.
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