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Integration Deliverables by Phase

a reference table of deliverables by role/owner

Use this document as a template for creating a reference for your integration project and/or support articles. The goal of the table below is to confirm the roles and responsibilities relationship between all parties. It outlines various project stages, including Discovery, Implementation, Testing, Move to Production (launch), and Ongoing Support. Different parties may be involved at each stage, including the customer integration team, contracted third parties, and Paylocity teams. For your integration project, create a similar table, replacing the role/owner with team name and contact(s) responsible for each line item.

For the purposes of this template table, we use the following as the “Key” for Owners:

  • Customer integration team (CIT) - representing the customer contacts.
  • Third-Party Associates (TPA) - Brokers, Technology Partners, or Third-Party Administrator
  • Paylocity (PCTY) - Representing the Paylocity Team(s) that the client-team has access to.
DiscoveryCITCreate integration business case; what are you trying to solve and why.
CIT or TPAIf customer is working with at TPA, both organizations should have pricing and implementation engagement discussions before requesting to move forward with the implementation with PCTY.
CIT & PCTYCheck the Paylocity Integration Marketplace to see if the integration is already available.
If not, CIT should contact their PCTY Account Executive to kick off discussions on building a new integration and requesting API credentials.
ImplementationPCTYPaylocity will provide API credentials to your integration team contact identified in the previous step.
CIT & TPAAny configurations required to use the integration are discussed and executed between the CIT and TPA team.
TestingCIT & TPAAfter the implementation stage has been completed, it will be the CIT & TPA team's responsibility to lead testing participants through any testing or data-validation, prior to moving into a full production status; to ensure data-accuracy and confirm that the integration is working as intended.
Move to ProductionCIT & TPAAfter the appropriate testing has been completed, the CIT & TPA team will be responsible for leading the "Move to Production" phase and monitoring the production feed for any defects or concerns. They should ensure they’ve fully scoped the testing and functionality prior to turning the feed on.
Ongoing Support
(Post Implementation)
CIT or TPACIT or TPA (depending on mutual agreements) will be the primary responsible party for all 1st Level Support questions regarding the integration.

See Getting Support (Pre- & Post-Production) for more details
PCTYCIT and TPA should submit questions or requests for troubleshooting to Paylocity Web Services at [email protected].
Paylocity will work directly with the support team to identify the issue and potential resolutions.

DO NOT include in the email;
- other Paylocity groups or distribution lists
- PII or company sensitive details

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