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Technology Partner Requirements

Overview of the Paylocity Partner Evaluation & Certification Process


This guide is for organizations that have integration solutions they want to market to prospective and mutual Paylocity customers within the Paylocity Integrations Marketplace and do not yet have a formal technology partnership agreement with Paylocity.

  • By the end of this document, you will understand:
    • Requirements to become a technology partner and maintain a technology partner status.
    • The steps to begin partnership discussions and whom to contact.
    • Required stakeholders to participate in partnership discussions.


Customer-specific integrations

If you are a current Paylocity customer and want to build/own an integration just for your company and not advertise it to other Paylocity customers, we don't require a partnership agreement. For details, see our Integration Requirements.

Requirements to become a technology partner

  • To be approved to access a test environment, you must be a Paylocity customer or work with at least one (1) Paylocity customer who is willing to sign off on the integration API access levels to company data required to drive the service. This customer is expected to provide appropriate guidance and approval of any API access request changes during the testing and launch phases. Their feedback will be used as a measure by our analysts of the integration feasibility. As the integration owner, you will be responsible for guiding the test participants through any action items, mapping phases, and other requirements to ensure the proper functioning of your service.
  • To go live in production with early adopter Paylocity customers, you must follow our Integration Requirements.
  • To advertise your integration in the Paylocity Marketplace, you must have at least one (1) mutual Paylocity customer advocate who is active and has accomplished the required early adopter testing scenarios, and your integration must function in production with an error rate of less than 5% (Error Rate = # of Errors / Total Calls x 100 in a 1 Quarter Lookback).

Maintaining your technology partner status

Once your integration has launched, you must accommodate the following to maintain a relationship as a technology partner with Paylocity:

  • First Level (Tier 1) Support: Scope and filter any low-level customer concerns that can be handled in your processing documentation and support articles.
  • Acceptable error rate of API calls (5% or less; varies by scope and complexity of integration).
  • Response time of 48 hours or less on communications from Paylocity Support and Implementation teams.
  • Automated annual renewal of API credentials.

Ongoing support and relationship

  • Collaborate with Paylocity to maintain updated business and technical contact information for ongoing support and escalations.
  • Pass yearly reviews of integration stability and customer-partner relationship states.
  • Attend regularly scheduled touchpoint calls with the Paylocity Integration team.
    • Discuss and address identified issues.
    • Discuss planned maintenance and Paylocity product initiatives related to your integration.
    • Address changes needed to support your integration (e.g., expanding endpoint access, changing renewal contacts, updating production webhook URLs or authorization details, process enhancements, partner feedback, etc).

Technology partner journey

Use this journey map as a guide to understand and track your progress at a high level through the phases and requirements to become a Paylocity technology partner. This is an outline, and Paylocity reserves the right to introduce additional conversations and requirements, if necessary, based on your service and functions.

Phase 1: Discovery & customer advocation

In this phase, your goal as a prospective technology partner is to find three mutual Paylocity customers who are willing to act as an advocate and let you use them for early adoption and testing, confirm and standardize your API Access levels required to drive the integration solution, and provide appropriate client guidance around API access requests (which we will use as a measure of your integration's initial supportability).

  • If you have only one Paylocity customer advocate, your integration will not qualify to be included in the Paylocity Integrations Marketplace, but you may still implement it as a customer-specific integration. For instructions on how to onboard customer advocates using your solution as a customer-specific integration, refer to the Integration Requirements guide.
  • Your integration must use the same set of API access standards for all early adopters / customers advocates. API access standards are the set of standardized permissions that allows your solution to access data from Paylocity's systems.

Finding customer advocates

When seeking customer advocates, make sure that your solutions are a good fit for the customer’s needs, available resources, and timing considerations.

  • Benefits & Capabilities: Customers may have questions about the capabilities of the solution, including what types of data can be integrated, how frequently the data is synced, and how the data is displayed in their system. It is important to provide the customer with a clear understanding of the integration solution and how it can benefit them.
  • Costs: Customers may have questions about the costs associated with the integration project, including any setup fees, monthly fees, or other costs. It is important to provide a clear understanding of the costs involved and any additional fees that may be incurred during the project.
  • Limitations: Customers may have questions about the limitations of the integration solution, including any potential data mapping issues, data privacy concerns, or system compatibility issues. It is important to provide a clear understanding of potential limitations and how they can be addressed during the project, including any risks of using workarounds.

After implementing three mutual Paylocity customers on your tested and scoped services, email [email protected] with the following: The first or last seven characters of API client IDs for each mutual customer team or the Paylocity company IDs and company names. The subject line of email should be “Ready for Phase 2!”

Phase 2: Finalizing the solution, scope, and required documentation

In this phase, you will complete process documentation with Paylocity to finalize your supported solutions, services, and scope.

Required documents & resources

  • Marketing Agreement - Paylocity will provide you with a Marketing Agreement to sign with details on your integration to include on your Paylocity Integration Marketplace page.

  • Landing Page - You'll provide a URL to a landing page on your product/organization website that directs users to the Paylocity Marketplace and to which your entry in the Paylocity Marketplace will refer visitors. This page should provide high-level details of integration documentation and steps needed to get started. Refer to Partner Landing Page Requirements Overview for more details.

  • Contact List - To ensure smooth communications throughout the process, you'll provide Paylocity with a primary contact and general distribution email addresses for each Integration deliverable by phase. The same contacts can be used for each phase.

  • Customer Support Instructions - You will provide services to troubleshoot Tier 1 issues related to your integration. This will include documentation that outlines integration customer responsibilities and how to contact Support from your organization for data-element issues or maintenance concerns. Links to this documentation may be included on your Paylocity Integration Marketplace page.

  • Data Element & Directionality Mapping - You will provide a resource to showcase Paylocity endpoints utilized, Paylocity API data elements, and direction of data (e.g., pushed to/pulled from Paylocity).

  • Demo Video (optional) - Your team may provide a recording to showcase and demo the integration solution and an FAQ.

Phase 3: Moving into a technology partner role

In this phase, you have completed all the general and partner resource document requirements from Phase 2. You have consolidated your necessary API endpoint access to a standardized level for all mutual customers and have at least three (3) mutual customers successfully using the integration. You have demonstrated your solution to the Paylocity Web Services Team and have been approved to be a technology partner.

As a new technology partner, you must schedule and complete the following onboarding tasks:

  • Transition customer-specific production credentials for your integration to a technology partner set of credentials that will be authorized to access all data for all customers using the integration. The customer-specific credentials would then be retired.
    • Your assigned Web Services Business Analyst will collect a "Partner Level" Access Request Form, which will define what APIs and company data you are authorized to access and any webhook URLs that were configured. This will be the "Origin/Change Document" moving forward, should your team update or expand services.
  • Agree upon timeline to create and launch your Paylocity Integration Marketplace pages. Your assigned Web Services Business Systems Analyst will review the Marketplace Agreement and Landing Page details to complete the creation of your marketplace page. This is typically released on the 15th in monthly cycles but may vary depending on various timings.

Your analyst may or may not need additional "Process & Timing" discussions/meetings at this phase. They will conduct the conversations to ensure the Implementation and Support process are streamlined from the Paylocity perspective. If needed, you now have the option to ask for a dedicated "Demo/Sandbox" that is specific to your team as a technology partner.

Phase 4: Technology partner

Congratulations! You are a Paylocity technology partner and are listed on our Integrations Marketplace for all customers to see.

  • Paylocity customers will have a shortened onboarding process to using your integration. The company admin for that customer may now submit a request directly through the Paylocity Marketplace experience without having to contact an Account Executive.

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