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Client Onboarding

The client onboarding/status API enables Paylocity to capture the status of a customer who wants to onboard with your integration. They either fill out the new account form on your web application or provide the credentials of their existing account to onboard with your integrated application. Paylocity will pass the companyId in the redirect url to you in this fashion:

?paylocityCompanyId=<user's company id>

This allows us to pass the companyId to you systematically and helps you easily keep track of the leads as well. Once the account is approved, you should pass the status back to Paylocity so that we can update the integration status.

The table below explains the order and service statuses with the relevant definitions.

InProgressNew account: This statue should be sent when the Paylocity customer has filled up the application form on your web application and submitted it for your team’s review.

Existing account: For a customer which has an existing account, you may skip sending this status if they are using their existing login credentials.
ApprovedNew account: This status should be sent when you have approved the account request in your application.

Existing account: This status should be sent when the existing login credentials have been verified successfully.
RejectedNew/Existing account - This status should be sent when the application for an account has been rejected.

Note: Do not use this status to indicate the mutual customer offboarding/churning off from your platform.

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