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Gets Retirement Contributions

Summary Description

The GET Retirement Contributions endpoint provides deferrals, loan payments, employer match. The endpoint also provides employee compensation, plan compensation and YTD amounts for each money source. For smooth data transmission, it's essential to configure your payroll code groups within the Payroll/HR system. This configuration must be done prior to extracting any data via the API. API users can call the API using either the payroll process date or the payroll check date. When the API is called, API users will provide three key pieces of information: the Paylocity Company ID, the Plan ID, and the Check Date they wish to retrieve data for. This information is provided to the API user when using our Retirement Webhook solution.

The Paylocity Retirement Platform use cases:

  • The Retirement Contributions endpoint serves to extract data related to employee retirement plan contributions and compensation.
  • To use the Retirement Contributions Endpoint, an API user must provide the Paylocity Company ID, the Plan ID, and the Check Date for which they need data. The returned response will include all employees with applicable payroll information.
  • Clients must first set up their Paylocity Payroll Code Groups before they can utilize this API endpoint.
  • The optimal solution recommended by Paylocity involves using our Retirement Web Hook. This Web Hook equips the API user with necessary details such as the Paylocity Company ID, the Plan ID, and the Check Date to call the API. This data can then be used to retrieve the most recent employee retirement information.
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