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Screening Package

This is for the operations for screening packages. A Package is essentially a combined group of screening services that Paylocity’s customer will be paying for. As an example, a Package could be “Basic” which includes SSN trace, county and state criminal record service, and professional history checks which could cost a customer $40 per order. A background check partner platform can combine several such components, which are individual services, and bundle up into a single package with unique name and ID. The pricing of these packages will be as per the negotiated term between the background screening partner and Paylocity.

A POST on the /packages endpoint inserts or updates a list of the packages defined for Paylocity’s customers. As a screening partner, you can also remove any package which is not active by using the IsActive flag to remove the package information from Paylocity’s UI. Paylocity will prevent any future orders using this package id, however, any in-flight screening order should still be processed by your platform.

Paylocity can support different screening packages for every company you partner with. If the company is b6001 in the request URL then the screening packages will be applicable for all the Paylocity companies, however, if you want to send screening packages at a company level then use the specific companyId in the request which will allow you granular control on your offerings to our mutual customers.

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