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Subscription endpoint allows partner to submit details about the customer’s subscription details. It will include level, price, expiration date and list of billing codes. Although including subscription details is not required, it is best practice to provide to help troubleshooting on the Paylocity side, i.e. subscription expired and that is why customer is no longer able to order an assessment.

Both endpoints need to respond within 20 seconds with an HTTP status indicating the success (200) or failure (4xx or 5xx).

There could be only one subscription per company, therefore we don’t need an id here. PUT method will be supported, which means that it will be either created or updated.

Max length = 36
OptionalThis is the level of the clients subscription. For example: premium, basic, etc.
priceNumberOptionalThe value of the subscription.
Possible values: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD
OptionalThe currency of the price.
Max length = 36
OptionalThe term of the clients subscription. For example: monthly, quarterly, annually.
ISO 8601 format
in UTC
OptionalThe date the subscription will expire.
billingCodesArrayOptionalArray of billing codes.
Max length = 36
OptionalThis is the Billing code created on your side that apply to the client specifically for invoicing purposes.
billingCodes.isActiveBooleanOptionalThis is the optional field to make a billing code active or inactive. If it is active it will show in the UI for users to select for a specific job. Inactive will not show in the UI.

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