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GET Pay Frequency Code by list by Company ID

Summary Description

The GET Pay Frequency Code by list by Company ID endpoint allows users to retrieve a comprehensive list of Pay Frequency Code details from a client's Paylocity instance. To use this endpoint, the Paylocity “payFrequencies” parameter must be specified. A Frequency Code in HR & Payroll determines the criteria for applying an Earning, Deduction, or Agency Code during payroll processing. Pagination can be achieved by using the "payFrequencies" parameter and specifying the values of "limit" and "offset" to decide the quantity of records to be retrieved. The utilization of the "limit" option permits the user to restrict the quantity of rows that are retrieved from a query, whereas the "offset" option enables the omission of a designated number of rows preceding the commencement of the result set. The utilization of both the limit and offset parameters in a query allows for the skipping of rows as well as the restriction of the number of rows returned. “includeTotalCount” parameter can also be used to return the total number of resources available (even though only a subset may be returned).

Use Cases

  • A company uses pay frequency code to determine how often pay is distributed to employees whether it be Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Semi-Monthly. In order for an Earning/Deduction/Agency related with a company's Weekly payroll frequency to trigger again, there must be a minimum of 5 days between Check Dates. The subsequent Check Date will be determined by adding 6 days to the date of the previous Check Date when the deduction took place.
    • If the frequency of Earning/Deduction/Agency includes a Block Week, and the subsequent Check Date that qualifies comes within the blocked week, HR & Payroll will prevent the deduction.
    • If the frequency is Bi-Weekly or Semi-Monthly, a minimum of 10 days must elapse between Check Dates. The deduction will occur again on the 10th day after the last Check Date.
      The following frequencies are exempt from cool down intervals. The Payroll and HR department considers the utilization of deductions in the current month and the activation status of a Block Week.
    • The frequency of the Monthly take Last Week (ML) will only be applied if the date corresponds to the last Check Date on the calendar and the Earning/Deduction/Agency Code has not yet been applied for the month.
  • The Q1W frequency will only be applicable if the payroll is the initial payroll of the quarter and the Earning/Deduction/Agency Code has not been applied for the quarter yet.
    The frequency of Block Week 5 (BL5) will be applicable only if the Check Date occurs on or before the 28th and there has been a gap of more than 5 days since the last Check Date for the Earning/Deduction/Agency Code to be applied.
  • The company operates on a biweekly pay schedule with a check date occurring every five out of four weeks. Subsequently, the corporation implements a Bi-Weekly deduction frequency, commencing 2 days after the initial deduction. If a Check Date occurs on 5/11, the deduction will still be processed, regardless of the fact that there is less than a 10-day gap between Check Dates. If a check with a date of 5/17 is processed, the deduction will not be subtracted.
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