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New Hire Webhooks

Triggers for New Hire Webhooks Notification

Hire a new employee in HR & Payroll using one of the following processes:

  • Log into HR & Payroll and manually hire an employee.
  • Use Paylocity Onboarding to send Onboarding employees to Payroll.
  • Hire an employee via Web Link imports.
  • Use Paylocity Weblink API with a new hire request.
  • When an employee record is Transferred from one company into a new Company, if the Webhook is configured for the new company, a notification will be sent

Common use cases for these Webhooks

  1. Creating tickets for internal systems
  2. Automate creation of an Active Directory user
  3. Automate creation of employee in downstream systems


Implementation Recommendation

Don't rely on the Webhooks notification to provide all updated information fields, instead make a call to the relevant APIs to get the latest details; in some cases, especially related to employee information, a single user triggered change may result in additional automated system changes to that data object. Calls can be made using the company and ID values provided from the notification.

Message Syntax

The message header includes the following:

content-length<sum of characters/rows on the json body>
host<specific to connection>
companyIdstringThe employee's assigned company id."companyId": "C01",
companyNamestringThe employee's assigned company name."companyName": "Garner Group",
employeeAddressLine1stringThe employee's address 1 line."employeeAddressLine1": "1060 W Addison St",
employeeAddressLine2stringThe employee's address 2 line."employeeAddressLine2": "",
employeeBadgeClockNumberstringThe employee's badge or clock number."employeeBadgeClockNumber": "4321",
employeeCitystringThe employee's city."employeeCity": "Chicago",
employeeCostCenter1stringThe employee's first assigned cost center formatted as (Code - Description)."employeeCostCenter1": "11 - Software Development",
employeeCostCenter2stringThe employee's second assigned cost center formatted as (Code - Description)."employeeCostCenter2": "22 - Director 2",
employeeCostCenter3stringThe employee's third assigned cost center formatted as (Code - Description)."employeeCostCenter3": "33 - Team 3",
employeeEEOClassstringThe employee's EEO class."employeeEEOClass": "Software Developer II",
employeeFirstNamestringThe employee’s First Name."employeeFirstName": "Jane",
employeeGenderstringThe employee's gender (Male, Female)."employeeGender": "Female",
employeeHireDatedate-timeThe employee's hire date formatted as YYYY-MM-DD."employeeHireDate": "2015-10-14T00:00:00Z",
employeeIdstringThe employee's unique identifier."employeeId": "12345",
employeeJobTitlestringThe employee's job title."employeeJobTitle": "Software Developer",
employeeLastNamestringThe employee’s Last Name."employeeLastName": "Doe",
employeeMaritalStatusstringThe employee's marital status (S-Single, M-Married)."employeeMaritalStatus": "Single",
employeeMiddleInitialstringThe employee’s Middle Initial."employeeMiddleInitial": "R",
employeePayFrequencystringThe employee's pay frequency (A-Annual, B-Bi Weekly, D-Daily, M-Monthly, Q-Quarterly, S-Semi Monthly, W-Weekly)."employeePayFrequency": "B",
employeePayTypestringThe employee's pay type (Hourly or Salary)"employeePayType": "Salary",
employeePositionstringThe employee's position."employeePosition": "?",
employeeStatestringThe employee's two digit state code."employeeState": "IL",
employeeSupervisorstringThe supervisor's name."employeeSupervisor": "",
employeeSupervisorIdstringThe employee Id of the supervisor."employeeSupervisorId": "15",
employeeTypestringThe employee's type."employeeType": "Regular Full Time",
employeeWorkEMailAddressstringThe employee's Work Email address."employeeWorkEMailAddress": "jdoe",
employeeWorkPhonestringThe employee’s work phone number."employeeWorkPhone": "(800) 555-1212",
employeeZipstringThe employee's zip code."employeeZip": "60613",
employeeTaxFormstringThe employee's tax form."employeeTaxForm": "W2"

Code Example

  "companyId": "C01",
  "companyName": "Garner Group",
  "employeeAddressLine1": "1060 W Addison St",
  "employeeAddressLine2": "",
  "employeeBadgeClockNumber": "4321",
  "employeeCity": "Chicago",
  "employeeCostCenter1": "11 - Software Development",
  "employeeCostCenter2": "22 - Director 2",
  "employeeCostCenter3": "33 - Team 3",
  "employeeEEOClass": "Software Developer II",
  "employeeFirstName": "Jane",
  "employeeGender": "Female",
  "employeeHireDate": "2015-10-14T00:00:00Z",
  "employeeId": "12345",
  "employeeJobTitle": "Software Developer",
  "employeeLastName": "Doe",
  "employeeMaritalStatus": "Single",
  "employeeMiddleInitial": "R",
  "employeePayFrequency": "B",
  "employeePayType": "Salary",
  "employeePosition": "?",
  "employeeState": "IL",
  "employeeSupervisor": "",
  "employeeSupervisorId": "15",
  "employeeType": "Regular Full Time",
  "employeeWorkEMailAddress": "[email protected]",
  "employeeWorkPhone": "(800) 555-1212",
  "employeeZip": "60613",
  "employeeTaxForm": "W2"


Additional Information

Paylocity reserves the right to impose rate limits on the number of calls made to Paylocity APIs. If rate limits are present, a 429 response code, Too Many Requests, returns from the API.

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