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Punch Import Overview

Import Employee Time Punches into Paylocity Time & Labor

Punch Import API

The Paylocity Punch Import API is an API that interfaces with the Paylocity Time & Labor module. The API is designed to streamline importing time data from external systems.

This API offers a method for importing punch data, complementing the other two methods: File import through the application and file import via SFTP. The API allows a 62-day window for importing punch data - it accepts data for the previous 31 days, given that the pay periods are open and for the upcoming 31 days. Any punches outside this timeframe will not be accepted. This feature allows users to seamlessly integrate their time-tracking systems with the Paylocity platform, enhancing efficiency and data accuracy.

Punch Import API Use Cases

The Punch Import API is for an API user who wants to import time punches from an external source into the Paylocity Time & Labor module. The Paylocity Time and Labor rules engine will calculate hours worked on the imported data.

Prerequisites for Punch Import API to function
• The API user must have valid NextGen API credentials
Click Here to read how to get API Access for your client
• API credentials must have permission to Punch Import API
• The customer's Time and Labor module must be live
• The customer's company-level values for Labor Levels must match the data sent through the Punch Import API
• The client must have the NT Import v1 Punch Map set as Default in Time and Labor, or the client Punch Map must match your posted payload. By default, each of our TLM customers has a default template used by the NextGen API platform. That punch map is labeled NT Import V1.

Limitations of the Punch Import
Adjustments (Flat or Piece): Adjustments to imported punches are currently not supported through the Punch Import API. Adjustments must be handled directly through the Time and Labor Module.

What happens after a successful API import?

• The data will show in the system once the client or third-party application sends a successful API import. You can view the transmission details in the Time and Labor module on the Punch Import screen.
• To view the Punch Import logs in the Time and Labor module, an admin user in Time and Labor will navigate to EMPLOYEES – PUNCH IMPORT.
• The punch import screen will list all the imports into the system. That includes manual imports through the UX, files imported through the SFTP process, or records imported through the API.
• Any imports completed by the API will have the filename start with "API_Punch_Import," and will display like the screenshot below:

View Import Details

To view the details of a specific import, click on the eye icon in the Action column (see the above screenshot). You can view all the records provided in the API payload on the Import Results screen. You can also download a result file, giving the same data in a .CSV file.

View Employee Time Card Audit

Check the Audit Trail on the employee time card to confirm if a specific employee punch originated via the Punch Import API. In the "changed by" column, you will see where the API made the change.

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