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Insert or update Assessment package


Partner Restricted

All assessment API endpoints are restricted to assessment providers that have signed a Paylocity technology partnership agreement. Please reach out to [email protected] if you would like to discuss partnership opportunities.

Summary Description

This API endpoint is designed for assessment partners to manage their assessment packages within Paylocity’s platform by using the companyID and the packageID. In this API product, a package is a collection of related assessments, such as a “Skills Battery”, which includes all relevant tests for a job’s skills assessment. There could be multiple tests within a package. A job could also have multiple assessment packages, if needed.

Use Cases

  • Insert or Update: Allows partners to insert new packages or update existing ones. This could involve removing or adding tests into a package
  • Deactivate or Remove: Partners can deactivate a package by setting the status flag or schedule its removal by specifying an endDate
  • Granular Control: By specifying a companyId, partners can target specific Paylocity clients, ensuring tailored assessment offerings
  • Global offering: by using companyId B6001 Partner’s can assign specific assessments for all clients that use your platform
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