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GET a List of Pay Grades by Company ID

Summary Description

The GET Pay Grades List by Company ID endpoint, retrieves a comprehensive list of Pay Grades from the Paylocity system with each call. Pay grades, commonly referred to as pay scales or wage ranges, are numerical or alphanumeric categorizations employed by corporations to classify tasks or positions according to their relative worth or intricacy within the organization. Pay grades are commonly linked to a spectrum of salaries and fulfill various crucial functions in human resources and pay administration.
Pagination can be achieved by using the "payGrades" parameter and specifying the values of "limit" and "offset" to decide the quantity of records to be retrieved. The utilization of the "limit" option permits the user to restrict the quantity of rows that are retrieved from a query, whereas the "offset" option enables the omission of a designated number of rows preceding the commencement of the result set. The utilization of both the limit and offset parameters in a query allows for the skipping of rows as well as the restriction of the number of rows returned.
Pay Grades are otherwise optional in HR & Payroll and do not affect any rate calculations that will cause changes in payroll.

Use Cases

  • Configure and specify Current Pay Rates for employees in HR & Payroll. Certain reports, such as the CMS PBJ Report, also known as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Payroll-Based Journal Report, and other specially configured Custom Reports reference Pay Grades.
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