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GET a list of Deduction Codes by Company ID

Summary Description

The GET Deduction Codes by list by Company ID endpoint allows users to retrieve a comprehensive list of Deduction Codes details from a client's Paylocity instance. To use this endpoint, the Paylocity “deductions” parameter must be specified. Deduction Codes are alphanumeric or numeric identifiers used in financial and accounting systems to categorize and track various types of deductions. These deductions can include expenses, withholdings, reductions in pay, or other adjustments made to an individual's or organization's financial records. Pagination can be achieved by using the "deductions" parameter and specifying the values of "limit" and "offset" to decide the quantity of records to be retrieved. The utilization of the "limit" option permits the user to restrict the quantity of rows that are retrieved from a query, whereas the "offset" option enables the omission of a designated number of rows preceding the commencement of the result set. The utilization of both the limit and offset parameters in a query allows for the skipping of rows as well as the restriction of the number of rows returned.

Use Cases

  • Accounts Receivable: Deduction codes can be utilized to monitor discounts, allowances, or modifications applied to invoices or accounts payable.
  • Taxes: Various tax jurisdictions employ deduction codes to describe the specific sort of tax being subtracted, such as federal income tax, state income tax, or local taxes.
  • Advantages: Deduction codes can be utilized to classify deductions associated with employee benefits like as health insurance, dental coverage, or retirement plans.
  • Loans and Debts: Lenders and financial organizations utilize deduction codes to precisely indicate the reason for deductions made for loan repayments, interest, or fees.
  • Expense Reporting: Deduction codes are utilized in company cost reporting to classify and monitor several types of spending, including travel, meals, entertainment, and office supplies.
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