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Gets a list of employees by company ID

Summary Description

The GET Employee List by Company ID API endpoint provides a list of up to 20 employees per call from the Paylocity system. Designed for the initial population of user systems with Paylocity's employee data, it supports pagination for easy navigation through results. The 'include' parameter enables selective retrieval of payload elements, while the 'Active Only' filter helps obtain only those employees with an 'Active' Employee Status Type. This makes the endpoint highly flexible and capable of delivering tailored listings to meet specific user requirements.

GET Employee List by Company ID - Use Cases:

  • The 'Get Employee List by Company ID' endpoint empowers API users to fetch a comprehensive list of employees alongside their relevant data. Ideal for initial data loads.

  • The recommended best practice to track employee demographic changes is not through regular polling of this endpoint. Instead, utilize our employee webhooks in conjunction with the 'GET Single Employee by Company and Employee ID' endpoint.

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