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GET a list of Rate Codes by Company ID

Summary Description

The GET Rate Codes by list by Company ID endpoint allows users to retrieve a comprehensive list of Rate Codes details from a client's Paylocity instance. To use this endpoint, the Paylocity “rateCodes” parameter must be specified. Rate Codes are employed throughout multiple businesses to denote precise pricing or rate frameworks. Rate codes are vital for monitoring and overseeing various pricing alternatives, employee pay rates, packages, or promotions offered by businesses. These codes facilitate the optimization of pricing management, reservations, and financial transactions.

Use Cases

  • Hotel room rates are typically categorized and differentiated using rate codes in the hospitality business. Each rate code corresponds to a distinct kind of room (such as standard, deluxe, or suite) or a special price arrangement (such as non-refundable, corporate, or promotional).
    -Seasonal Pricing: Rate codes can be utilized to enforce fluctuations in pricing based on different seasons. For instance, a hotel may utilize distinct rate codes to distinguish between rates during peak season and rates during off-peak season.
    -Businesses frequently generate rate codes to facilitate special deals, packages, or promotions. These codes may encompass reductions, free perks, or combined offerings (e.g., "bed and breakfast" packages).
  • A business would like to have different codes per shift work.
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