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GET a list of Tax Codes by Company ID

Summary Description

The GET Tax Codes by list by Company ID endpoint allows users to retrieve a comprehensive list of Tax Codes details from a client's Paylocity instance. To use this endpoint, the Paylocity “taxes” parameter must be specified. Tax codes serve as a means for tax authorities and organizations to categorize various forms of taxes and tax-related data. These codes facilitate precise computation, reporting, and adherence to diverse tax responsibilities. Tax codes are jurisdiction-specific and can vary substantially between different locations.

Pagination can be achieved by using the "taxes" parameter and specifying the values of "limit" and "offset" to decide the quantity of records to be retrieved. The utilization of the "limit" option permits the user to restrict the quantity of rows that are retrieved from a query, whereas the "offset" option enables the omission of a designated number of rows preceding the commencement of the result set. The utilization of both the limit and offset parameters in a query allows for the skipping of rows as well as the restriction of the number of rows returned. “includeTotalCount” parameter can also be used to return the total number of resources available (even though only a subset may be returned).

Use Cases

  • The process of calculating income tax involves the utilization of tax codes, which serve to calculate the appropriate income tax rates and brackets for both people and businesses. Distinct tax codes may be applicable to different income thresholds, filing statuses, and categories of income (such as capital gains and dividends).
  • Payroll Deductions: Employers utilize tax codes to accurately compute and retain the appropriate amount of income tax, Social Security tax, and Medicare tax from employees' wages. These codes serve to guarantee that employees have the accurate amount of tax deducted throughout the year.
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