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GET a List of Position Codes by Company ID

Summary Description

The GET Position Codes List by Company ID endpoint, retrieves a comprehensive list of Position Codes from the Paylocity system with each call. Position codes are alphanumeric or numeric designations employed by corporations to classify and oversee various job responsibilities and positions within their workforce. These codes fulfill several crucial functions in the domains of human resources, talent management, and organizational structure.
Pagination can be achieved by using the "positions" parameter and specifying the values of "limit" and "offset" to decide the quantity of records to be retrieved. The utilization of the "limit" option permits the user to restrict the quantity of rows that are retrieved from a query, whereas the "offset" option enables the omission of a designated number of rows preceding the commencement of the result set. The utilization of both the limit and offset parameters in a query allows for the skipping of rows as well as the restriction of the number of rows returned.

Use Cases

  • Human Resources Management: HR departments often use position codes to categorize and manage job roles within an organization. The API can facilitate the creation, updating, and retrieval of position codes, ensuring that job roles are accurately documented and maintained.
  • Payroll and Compensation Management: Position codes are crucial for determining salary scales and compensation packages. The API can be used to link position codes with salary information, simplifying payroll processing and compensation management.
  • Recruitment and Onboarding: When hiring new employees, organizations can use the API to identify vacant positions and manage the recruitment process more efficiently. It can help HR teams keep track of available job roles and their requirements.
  • Compliance and Reporting: Many regulatory agencies require organizations to report on specific job roles and positions. The API can assist in generating compliance reports by providing access to accurate position code data.
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