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Gets Employee punch details

Summary Description

The GET Punch Details API endpoint provides access to employee punch details effortlessly. The punch detail API will include all punch data for a single employee. It serves as a valuable tool for accessing, analyzing, and managing time-related records, providing intricate details related to employee punches. The Punch Details API can be filtered by date range

The Paylocity Punch Detail use cases:

  • The Punch Detail API provides HR and payroll organizations with precise and comprehensive punch data for every employee. The provided data can be utilized to accurately compute employee salaries, incorporating overtime and rounding modifications
  • Organizations can employ the API to collect punch data for particular cost centers or departments. This enables comprehensive examination of labor efficiency, attendance, and time allocation. By having access to both rounded and precise punch times, firms can analyze patterns, evaluate employee punctuality, and utilize data-driven strategies to enhance operational efficiency
  • The Punch Detail API is indispensable for ensuring adherence to labor standards. It offers a thorough record of employee punches, facilitating the demonstration of compliance during audits or inquiries. Users have the ability to apply filters based on date range, facilitating the retrieval of specific data needed for compliance reporting
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