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GET a list of Work Locations by Company ID

Summary Description

The GET Work Location list by Company ID endpoint allows users to fetch a list of work location details from a client's Paylocity instance. Work locations, referred to as geographic or location codes, serve as designations employed by corporations to specify particular physical or geographic places where their personnel are stationed. These codes fulfill several crucial functions in the domains of human resources, operations, and management. To use this endpoint, the Paylocity Company ID and “workLocations” parameter must be specified.

Use Cases

  • Locations are addresses used as work or hiring locations. Each worker should have an assigned work location. The purpose of a work location is to verify workers' taxes. Work locations in HR & Payroll will show in Paylocity's Recruiting platform when creating job postings.
  • This information will also transfer to external job sites if using Recruiting Enhanced Features. Currently, only one work location can be added to each job listing.
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